[Afpif] South Africa gets free national Peering ...

Nishal Goburdhan nishal at afrinic.net
Mon Apr 9 08:48:28 UTC 2012

On Apr 8, 2012, at 3:32 PM, Mark Tinka wrote:

> What will happen is if more folk start co-lo'ing with Teraco 
> and other carrier-neutral data centres, then they will go 
> the route Equinix and others have done to incorporate data-
> centre-owned exchange points within the data centre so 
> customers can interconnect.

this is already in place - has been for a few years too.

> Whatever the case, operators will vote where their wallets 
> take them, although it would still make sense to peer both 
> at Teraco and at JINX (for instance) if other ISP's at 
> either location were only located in one of those locations 
> (assuming, of course, running a loop and peering is cheaper 
> than transit).

right. and that's my point - local loop costs don't allow this (yet).
so, the premise of the article, which was that these data-centres 
"redefine the Internet business in South Africa" is not really true.

at least not for a while.

a few years ago, there were maybe 5 operators that could give you transmission services.
today, there are over 300.  once there's sufficient infrastructure buildout, then yes, 
* local loop pricing should drop fantastically
* more peering/interconnection opportunities open

(who's hopeful, but still a realist)

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