[Afpif] Call for Volunteers to Join the AfPIF Program Committee

Grace INGABIRE grace.i at ricta.org.rw
Mon Jul 5 16:54:04 UTC 2021

Hello everyone, 

The AfPIF Programme Committee (PC) is seeking volunteers from the community to join the AfPIF Program Committee for a 3-year term.

Anyone interested in the peering and interconnection ecosystem and is willing to volunteer some time and expertise to the cause of AfPIF can apply. There are no restrictions, be it age, geography, stakeholder group, affiliation, etc. However, preference will be given to applicants who have attended at least one previous AfPIF meeting. 

For more information, please see the PC charter that is available here: https://www.afpif.org/program-commitee-governance-structure/ <https://www.afpif.org/program-commitee-governance-structure/>
Submission Information:

Information is available here: https://www.afpif.org/call-for-volunteers-to-join-the-afpif-program-committee/ <https://www.afpif.org/call-for-volunteers-to-join-the-afpif-program-committee/>

Submission Deadline is 18 July 2021


Call for Volunteers Opens - 05 July 2021
Submissions Deadline - 18 July 2021
Notification of Selection - 02 August 2021
Acceptance Deadline - 16 August 2021
Term Commences - 20 August 2021
Thank you,

Grace Ingabire
For AfPIF Secretariat
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