[Afpif] Are 2ND AFRICA PEERING AND INTERCONNECTION FORUM Videos available, and I need assistance with Interconnecting within Ghana

Martin O'Shield martin at windycitysdr.com
Sat Nov 26 21:35:27 UTC 2011

Hello All,

I am new here and wanted to know if* *the* " 2ND AFRICA PEERING AND

*[Afpif] AfPIF-2 Remote Participation 8 - 9 August, 2011 Starting 0900
UTC/GMT " *VIDEO was recorded anywhere?

I missed the event, but really would like to see the video/Audio of the
event if it is available, ME HOPES!

Also I am seeking people's assistance as I am prospectively Interconnecting
with Carriers within the country of Ghana,

with the USA, and South America.

I have a prospective client whom currently " Burns " between 30,000,000 -
40,000,000 minutes per month @ between .16 - .20 per minute

and am looking for a Ghana Telecom Carrier to terminate our voice traffic
through EXCLUSIVELY utilizing their SS7 Links.

Anyone here in the process of obtaining a Ghana Telecommunications License?

Are there any Ghana Interconnection experts on this list?

Awaiting your reply and thank you!


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