[Afpif] Are 2ND AFRICA PEERING AND INTERCONNECTION FORUM Videos available, and I need assistance with Interconnecting within Ghana

William Norton wbn at drpeering.net
Sun Nov 27 01:10:06 UTC 2011

On Nov 26, 2011, at 1:35 PM, Martin O'Shield wrote:
> Also I am seeking people's assistance as I am prospectively Interconnecting with Carriers within the country of Ghana,
> with the USA, and South America.

My expertise is in interconnection but more on the Internet Peering side, not buying or selling minutes, unless you are considering peering VoIP traffic. In the Internet Peering world there are a number of startup IXPs across Africa that should be putting together meetings for their customer bases to meet and hopefully peer. There are a few Internet Operations focused conferences across Africa (AFNog and of course AfPIF) that facilitate interconnection as a side effect of getting these interested parties into the same room at the same time. Different names but these groups also work in this way across Europe, America, and South America, although I have never attended any ops meeting in South America.

But you are on the carrier side - Folks like TelX (in the U.S.) have a long history of running business-focused telecom carrier meet ups for their customers where people buy and sell minutes from each other. I suspect Terramark facilitates some carrier interconnects into South America.


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